the Event

IHB Festival, is the International Hair & Beauty Festival, which is organized by Mike Najmi and The Mike London Academy, in Athens, in Zappeion Megaron, on 22 & 23 March 2020. 

People around the world from the hair and beauty industry will have the chance to participate in the competition and to the attend Masterclass by top professionals  about hair and color, barbers, make-up, nails art, etc.

the Organizer

Mike Najmi

Creative Director at allbeautySmith Street, Guernsey. Mike has worked worldwide from London to Paris, Milan, Beverly Hills and Vegas. His latest role was as Creative Director of the Sky TV Beauty Team, styling hair for Sports & News presenters and running their trainee stylist academy.

He has over than 25 years of experience inhair stylingaround the world, including the followingcountries: Greece, Italy, Germany, UK, Dubai, Egypt, India (Bollywood), New Zealand and theUnited States. He has been trained in the biggesthairdressingAcademy in Europe and the United States and has verygood knowledge of all types of hair including: Afro, European and Asian.

He is the owner of The Mike London Academy, founder of VIP Hair Fest and owner of IHB FESTIVAL (INTERNATIONAL HAIR & BEAUTY FESTIVAL).

e-mail. info@ihb-festival.com