Barber Gold
Belt Fight

A unique competition between barbers who are fighting for 2 days, inside a fight ring, for the title of the worldwide barber 2020 and his Gold Belt!

  • Number of participants: 32 max.
  • Method of participation: 8 X groups 4 participants.
  • MASTER, JUNIORS may take part in this competition.
  • Contestants work on the same model in free expression.
  • They compete in the first round in a string with a time of 15 minutes. Two out ofevery quadruple pass to the next round in the skin fade (machine) having 15minutes of time. The first two out of every four pass the round of finals and areinvited to make razor fade in 15 minutes and present their model in total look.
  • Allow: scissors, machines, razors & colors.
  • Time: 15 minutes in each round.