BODY ART Competition - 1 type

Subject: "Alice in Wonderland" Painting technique.

Categories of participants: Masters.

Description of the nomination: this nomination means the creation of a complete image corresponding to a specific theme. Think carefully about the idea you want to implement. Pay attention to makeup, costume, hairstyle and accessories. Model’s make-up is done BEFORE the competition. Make-up should fully comply with the theme of the competition and organically complement the image you created. The complexity of makeup can be anything, but makeup must be a natural addition to your work. Hairstyle, accessories and costume details should also correspond to the theme of the contest and complement the image as a whole.

Preparation of the model:

  • model with fully made-up and clean body skin, without prior background coverage;
  • fill in any background color is being done during the contest time; make-up of the model is done BEFORE the contest and must correspond to the theme of this nomination;
  • costume should be no more than 30 % of the body area.


  • use brushes, sponges, applicators to create a common background and picture;
  • Models come on the podium with ready-made makeup, costume, hair, nail design;
  • use of decorative elements and accessories that complement the image;
  • costume should be no more than 30 % of the body area.



  • use of toxic, including acrylic paints;
  • use of stencils and pre-marking;
  • use the airbrush to create a common background and picture;
  • use sketches at the workplace;
  • assistant help.
  • Evaluation criterion
  • drawing (technique, originality, complexity);
  • image (originality, relevance, harmony and integrity of the work);
  • color scheme (contrast, harmony, matching theme).

Time: 4 hours (total), allowed two 15 minutes breaks.